Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good News!

So I finally got a response from our pastor and he has approved us to have alcohol at our reception : ) For the past couple weeks it has been very stressful thinking about what we would do if he did not approve it. But now we can relax knowing that we have a church to get married in, a reception site, AND a pastor haha.

I have also just recently found my bridesmaids dresses and they are in the process of getting fitted. The dress I picked is the one on the far left, but it will be in buttercup (yellow). I know this is not a great picture but it's the best one I could find so far, sorry! The picture is from the Allure Bridals website.

I also may have found "the dress"! I had no intention of trying on any dresses for myself but my sister/MOH and one of my BM's insisted I try on the dress I had been eyeing every time I was in the bridal store so I finally did and I loooooved it! The only problem is that it costs more than I was planning on spending. I might be willing to spend more if in the end I believe it is "the dress". I want to try on more dresses just to be sure but I will be shocked if I really end up buying the first dress I tried on!

Did anyone have a similar situation where the dress they ended up getting was the first dress they tried on? Did you spend more than you thought you would on your "dream dress"?


  1. yay so exciting things are starting to come together for you!! that's the best, isn't it? the bridesmaids dresses look perfect!
    i lucked out in the dress category - i was going to go to kleinfelds for the full out "say yes to the dress" experience but i knew it would be too expensive. so i went to a local dress shop and tried one on that was the only one they had - so she sold it to me right there on the spot for a discount!
    good luck on the dress - if you do fall in love with it im sure something else will budge and help the budget along the way.

  2. I spent almost 800 on my dress. So yes. I spent way more that I wanted too. but it was THE dress. and I managed to work it out.