Monday, July 26, 2010

I think I found "The Dress"!

I went dress shopping the past two weekends and I think I may have found "the dress"! I am not a person that makes decisions quickly so I knew I would not immediately have that moment where I knew 100% that I was in "the dress". But after trying on several dresses I kept coming back to the same one and I did not want to take it off! I already have an appointment next weekend to go to a trunk show where 52 new dresses are being displayed so I am going to keep my appointment just to see if anything catches my eye. The dress shop also did not have one of the dresses I really wanted to try on because it was at the Bridal Fair in the fashion show. So next weekend I will try on any trunk show dresses I am interested in and the one dress that was at the Bridal Fair. If I continue to come back to my current favorite dress I will get measured and order it :). Now for some pictures... I will show you pictures of several dresses and you tell me what you think!

#1 Front: I thought there was too much going on

#1 Back

#2 Front

#2 Back

#3 Front (You can tell how I feel about it by my facial expression haha)

#3 Back

#4 Front

#4 Back: Didn't think the back was flattering

#4 Side View: Loved it from this view!


#5 Back

#5 Side-gather

#5 Other side

#5 With the bustle from the side

#5 With bustle from the back

#5 Corset back: This dress is too big so the corset will be much wider in the right size.

#5 Close-up of bodice detail

#5 Me with my Mom and Twin Sis/MOH

So I know that was a ton of pictures, sorry! So what do you guys think? The only thing I am concerned about is being self conscious because it is a figure forming dress. Also how do you think the bustle looks? Her idea was to pull the fabric up and under the dress opposed to on top so the side swept look could stay in place. Do you think it would look better in a more traditional bustle? I would LOVE your comments and opinions! Thanks!


  1. it's absolutely stunning!!! you can tell it's the one!

  2. I really like the last one too and your face and the multiple pictures show that it's your favorite too. Don't worry about it showing off your figure - I wish I went with the more fitted dress. I think they're easier to dance in.

  3. So I love #1 because it looks a lot like my dress, but I definitely say if you're in love with #5 go with it...IT'S YOUR DAY! I think you look great in all of the dresses though...skinny minny! How exciting you'll hafta let us know what you decide.

  4. I don't know how I missed this post! I absolutely LOVE your favorite one - You look awesome in it! Did you end up getting it?

    We need to hang out again soon! :)

  5. Thanks for the comments! I bought it! They said it will arrive in about 16 weeks. I just moved and we still do not have internet hooked up so I will write a blog post when we get it up and running! Laura- We definitely need to get together soon! Zach and I are in LA from Saturday the 7th to Saturday the 14th. We are planning on having a party at the same house on the evening of the 14th. I hope you and David can make it :)

  6. Left you something on my blog, pretty lady!

    See you Saturday!

  7. New follower here! :) I LOVE #5 glad you bought it! I probbaly love it because it is almost identical to my dress haha! Mine just doesn't have the side gather. I think it is best to do an under bustle like she did. That's what I am doing and it looks better with the pleats in the dress. I think you will be happy with it!