Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Award!

Laura at Lucky in Love and The Luckiest in Love has given me a blog award and I am very excited! It is called A Blog With Substance.

It is my very first Blog Award and it could not come from a more fitting person, Laura is who got me into the blogging world in the first place. Thanks so much! I know my wedding wouldn't be nearly what it's going to be if I had not met you and been introduced to the blogging community :)

I am supposed to sum up my blogging experience in 5 words. So here they are:

Inspiration: As a result of being a part of the blogging community I have received all sorts of inspiration and great ideas that have greatly impacted my wedding plans.

Motivation: Blogging has given me motivation to work on projects and get pictures on my blog to share with blog friends.

Encouragement: Some days when I feel like my ideas are not that great or all the time I've spent on something is not evident an encouraging comment from a blog friend brightens my day.

Stress-relieving: Blogging takes me away from school, work, and anything else that is causing stress in my life. It is wonderful!

Fun: Lastly, it's just plain FUN!

Now it's my turn to pass the blog award on to some deserving blogs! I absolutely LOVE these four blogs, if you don't already follow them you definitely should!

Shanna at Miss Arkansas Bride

Nicole at Seaside Smitten

Janna at Love The Moments

Laura at The Luckiest in Love I figured since you got this award the first time around for your wedding blog I could give it to you for your newlywed blog!

That's all I've got. I hope everyone's had a great start to their week!

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