Sunday, September 5, 2010

LONG Overdue Update

So first I have to apologize for being absent from blogging for the past month! It has been a crazy month and somehow blogging was the thing I sacrificed :( So here we go with a month's worth of updates haha.

-So to catch everybody up with the dress situation I did end up purchasing dress #5! I fell in love with it and nothing I tried on at the trunk show even came close. I found myself constantly staring at pictures of the dress throughout the day and I knew that it was "the dress". I really think Zach will love it and I can't wait for him to see it on our wedding day (btw it is less then 8 months away now.... crazy!!!).

-Right after I bought my dress I had to go straight home to start moving. One of my friends Elisha, who is the best landlord ever (I know you read this, love ya!), bought a house and is renting out the rooms to a bunch of our friends. But of course we chose to move-in on one of the most disgusting days of the year haha. It was 100+ degrees outside and we were all completely exhausted after the move. But by the end of the day I was moved-in to my new house AND I had purchased the most beautiful dress I could've imagined!

-The second week in August Zach and I went to Los Angeles to visit my brother. It was soooo much fun! We were busy everyday from 8:00 am to usually past midnight. Throughout our trip we were able to go to a LA Dodgers game, go on a Warner Brothers Studio Tour, go on lots of shopping trips, go to the most awesome Karaoke Club in Hollywood, watch my brother film a show he is in, go to the beach, lots of sightseeing, and spend a lot of time with my brother who I miss soooo much! It was not a relaxing trip but it was a lot of fun and we made lots of memories we'll never forget :)

- Then came the start of my last semester of nursing school! I am soooo excited to almost be done :) This semester is filled with lots of clinical hours at the hospital and not much time to work. So Zach and I are both very excited for me to get out of school and find a full-time nursing job!

- We also officially decided on and booked a DJ and a Photographer, which i will blog about later. Everything is starting to come along really well and I am getting very excited : )

- I have also been very lucky to spend a lot of time with wonderful friends! Our new house has turned into a common gathering place and I couldn't be happier :) I LOVE my friends and I am completely cherishing these years of my life. One person I have been able to spend lots of time with recently is Laura from Lucky in Love and now her awesome new married life blog The Luckiest in Love. If you don't follow her blogs you definitely should! Her wedding was amazing and she has tons of DIY projects you can read all about. She is awesome and Zach and I absolutely love spending time with her and David!

Well I hope I caught you up on what's been going on and I can't wait to get back to blogging! My projects lately have slowed down with school but I hope to at least write weekly updates about wedding plans and just life in general. So glad to be back : )

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  1. Yay! Glad you're back! And David and I absolutely love spending time with you and Zach too (and Elisha, you too, if you're reading!) :)